Sunday, July 16, 2006

Help Break the Back of the Good Old Boy Network

I've had numerous people, including some officers asking, pleading and begging me to back out of the race and allow Mark Luttrell to continue with his folly. I cannot do that with a clear conscience. He is a product of the same group of people who have all but ruined this county. They have feasted off the taxpayers and care nothing about anyone but themselves.
Bill Morris, once Sheriff and Mayor, was indicted as I recall, but dodged a bullet. Jim Rout, fled office as mayor leaving us holding a 1.5 billion dollar bag of debt. Bobby Lanier - he has been a shadow figure for every county mayor since Morris. A.C. Wharton hired him, then fired him, then hired him as his personal "fund raiser". That's a nice term for bag man.

All these men and many more are backing Mark Luttrell and are probably the reason he is in office today. It is my intention to break the back of the good old boy network and Mark Luttrell is the first target. Hopefully, the Republican party (the people, not the ones with the money who call the shots and select people for office who are not qualified) will rise up and say enough. We will not tolerate the dictation of the rich and powerful. It is time for the average everyday citizen to stand up and make a statement. Mark Luttrell - it is time to move on.

I am not alone in this endeavor. There are other Republicans who have had to battle the good old boys and they are on board with this project.


Anonymous said...

I would guess Willingham and your buddy Terry Roland are two of those you are speaking of. I hope you can pull this off, but then again, the Democrats may beat you to the punch!

cant give my name yet said...

John, I see where you are coming from. I think you may be right. When you look at the "leaders" we have in place there aren't any that stand out, except in a bad way. That rich guy click is working both sides and controlling both sides. They give to republican and democrat alike, and control both parties. After this election is over, I'll be joining with your efforts. I may have to stay anonymous to keep them from hurting me financially though. Damn, doesn't that sound terrible. It's almost like living in communism.