Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ignorance is Dangerous

There are new revelations concerning my opponents in the upcoming Sheriff's race. It appears that Reginald French serves on the Alcoholic Beverage Commission and is taking contributions from convicted felons who work in the alcoholic beverage industry. At the same time, Mark Luttrell serves on the "Drug Commission" (so to speak) and is taking money from convicted felons who have sold drugs - with connections to THE BIGGEST COCAINE PRODUCER in the WORLD!

Can you see any similarities? I can. Both of these gentlemen are wrong and they should admit they are wrong and give the money back. They should also repudiate their relationship with these infamous people.

If you were trying to be hired in at the Sheriff's Office and it was learned that you were consorting/hanging/befriending known felons, you would be rejected. You would be rejected because of the POLICY that has been in place for decades at the SCSO. You are not to associate or develop associations with unscrupulous people, not just felons. Attending a party at the home of a man who was a convicted felon is bad enough, but the offense is compounded by the fact that he was under indictment for an additional felony at the time and more money was accepted from William B. Tanner and Joe Cooper and others at that time.

Here are some links to stories of other law enforcement officers who thought it was ok to befriend felons and questionable people:

1. Does this sound familiar - “It’s disgusting,” one high-level officer said of the Rizzolo-Carona relationship. “It’s a slap in the face to law enforcement. What is Sheriff Carona thinking? He’s either incredibly stupid or dirty as hell. Or both.”

2. An officer dealt with for consorting:

On Sunday, August 8, Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist John L. Smith reported that Faraci is also engaged in a business transaction with local police officer Dave Radcliffe, something Clark County Sheriff Bill Young frowns on. The last time Young discovered one of his officers involved in a business deal with Rick Rizzolo, the bar's purported owner, Young demoted the officer for ''accepting gifts from suspects and consorting with persons of ill repute." Its yet to be decided what Radcliffe's punishment will be for his business association with Faraci, an ex-felon who is under investigation by the FBI.


3. An officer who worked for Acosta at the airport said he liked his boss.

"I can't believe he was that stupid. He was good to the officers," the cop said.

Acosta is accused of helping Boyle out at O'Hare. Acosta let a Boyle associate out of paying a $300 parking tab and got excessive baggage fees waived for Boyle.

Acosta also allegedly ran a criminal history check for Boyle on a man who worked for a Boyle associate. Boyle said he needed the information to try to get the employee's criminal record expunged. Boyle was paid $3,500 for the job, but the record was never wiped clean.

Outside O'Hare, Boyle also asked Acosta for police information about a bar that had been closed, so Boyle could try to get a new liquor license.
4. Sheriff Bowles, a Republican, had been under investgation by a special prosecutor for accepting gifts from a businessman who later won a contract to operate a city jail.
5. Ms. Valdez said she would set up committees to review potential new jail contracts, rather than deciding on her own. Her predecessor, Republican Sheriff Jim Bowles, who ran the department for 20 years, came under a cloud earlier this year because of his decision to award a major jail contract to a vendor who had provided him with free meals and trips. . . the investigation cast a pall over the department and affected morale.

More to follow:


Anonymous said...

Yep, I couldn't believe they were both saying it's ok last night. How depressing when the Republican in the race thinks just like the Democrat!

Wintermute said...

"these infamous people"

Do you mean infamous according to Tennessee law? If so, have you checked to see whether they have had that infamy removed by a Tennessee court according to statute?